Certifications and Norms

    IRAM-ISO/IEC 17020:2013

    EAG Surveyor is one of the first companies that has achieved accreditation from OAA (Argentinian Accreditation Body) in compliance with ISO/IEC 17020:2013 as a type “A” inspection company for main GAFTA & FOSFA activities which includes:

    1. GAFTA Standard for Supervision, Sampling and Check Weighing
    1. GAFTA Weighing Rule 123
    1. GAFTA Sampling Rule 124
    1. FOSFA qualifications and operational procedures
    1. FOSFA Code of practice Oils and Fats
    1. FOSFA Code of practice Oilseeds
    1. ISO 5555:2001 Sampling of Animal and Vegetable Fats and Oils.

    This accreditation highlights the quality performance and technical competence of our team and recognizes that the implemented procedures and practices of our company are synonymous with consistent quality and expertise in the services provided.

    ISO/IEC 17020:2013 is an internationally recognized standard for the competence of inspection bodies and for the impartiality and consistency of their inspection activities.

    EAG Surveyor has earned type “A” accreditation which guarantees independence in the outcome of any inspection assignment.

    We strongly believe that taking the initiative to become IRAM-ISO/IEC 17020:2013 accredited, not only anticipates the demands of our clients, but also strengthens our commitment to provide standardized / high quality services.