Management Team

Tom Hulstkamp, president of the company, is responsible for quality certification and international contractual management. Within the EuroAmerica Group he operates from the office in Buenos Aires and also personally realizes quality and quantity inspections within Argentina and abroad.

Tom has more than 19 years’ experience within the field of (agri products) quality control and certification. He started in the Netherlands in 2001 as cargo surveyor and on request of a Dutch client moved to Argentina in 2009. Thanks to his experience of supervising both loading and discharging, he knows exactly what the international grain and oil traders are seeking for in terms of quality.

Marcelo Sanguinetti, director of the company, is responsible for operational management in the harbor and is manager of the inspectors, also he focuses on market development within the local market. He operates from the EuroAmerica Group office in San Lorenzo.

Marcelo has more than 25 years of experience within the business. Also he originally started as cargo surveyor and after years of working in the field he moved to the office and continued working as coordinator and operational manager. With experience in Paraguay, Uruguay and all mayor ports of Argentina he knows exactly what is needed to delivery an excellent job in these south-American agri-producing countries.

Tom Hulstkamp

General Director

Marcelo Sanguinetti

General Director

San Lorenzo Office

Gabriel Zabala


Dario Simonsini


Buenos Aires Office

Manuel Buzzi

Operations / Execution

Patricia Renzo


Diana Villamizar


Camila San Martin


Jimena Matto

Administration / Finance

Cesia Matto

Administration / Finance

Cecilia Hasan

Research Area

Martin Sobral


Paranagua Office

Renato Nascimiento

Operations / Execution

Netherlands Office

Katarzyna Dorota Krajewska

Operations / Execution