EuroAmerica group performs (sometimes in association with others) anywhere in the country or abroad supervision of shipments of grains, food, agricultural products, seeds, oils, processed products and commodities in general, controlling and certifying the quantity and quality of shipped products of plant and animal origin.

    EuroAmerica Group controls the weight and quality of the goods during loading and discharging of ships, barges, trucks and containers.

    EuroAmerica Group organizes laboratory tests.

    EuroAmerica Group realizes inspection of spaces for storing and/or transporting of goods.

    In secondary order, through third parties, EuroAmerica group can support and/or realize the transportation, delivery and reception of the goods involved and perform customs clearance.

    EuroAmerica Group takes care for the quality control of its clients’ products complying with international standards and certifications, from coordination and request of the documents up to the moment goods are loaded on the vessel.